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Our Own Vintage Lives

February 22, 2012 by admin

OK, Pancake Day / Shrove Tuesday / Mardi Gras may not be the biggest festive period, in this country at least, but this morning, whilst finishing off the last of the thickened batter for breakfast, I realised something.

As we get older we have the usual markers to look forward to. These typically include Birthdays, holidays, paid leave (if you’re luck enough to get such a thing) and Christmas. There are, of course, the odd occasions thrown in like weddings, weekends away and the like, but for the main, we as grown-up don’t have an awful lot to mark the passing months.

Think back to being a child. Remember how at school there seemed to be a themed craft opportunity every week? There was always an assembly for this, that and the other. A chance to dress up in some ‘fabulous’ home-made costume and sing suitably tuneless songs about goodness knows what. Whilst this may have been a nightmare for parents (and teachers, I should imagine) , what it did do was give us some sense of the passing seasons, an awareness of the passage of time, our own progress and, most importantly, how long it was until Christmas. At my fairly nondescript, city centre C of E school we would celebrate, though not necessarily in a religious way, Pancake Day, Lent, Easter, May Day, Harvest Festival, Hallowe’en, Bonfire Night and Christmas. These celebrations would include, dressing up, making / eating associated foods, games, competitions, art projects, topic books, songs, readings, plays and countless other things, besides. It gave us a real sense of the year, and ourselves, progressing. More importantly it gave us something to look forward. It gave us a sense of the world and that we had a place in this world.

In reality we can’t very well go to work or to the shops in fancy dress and trawl the internet for lyrics to songs long forgotten but maybe we could stop now and then to see what’s going in the calendar and just mark that day with a simple gesture.

For example I love Spring and Easter is the perfect opportunity to get all pagan and celebrate the new life springing up everywhere. Have a special meal with family or friends, like this one Easter Lamb with Peas, get some nice flowers to brighten up your home, or just have a sneaky Malteser Bunny for your breakfast.

It’s all too easy to push ourselves through the drudgery of ‘just another day’, without stopping to look ahead, look behind and appreciate where we are, right now.

As a lover of vintage and retro, I often find myself getting so tied up in the looks and lifestyles of times gone by , that I neglect to remember my own past, my own vintage life ( I was ,after all, born in the seventies!) So, this year I’m going to make a concerted effort to celebrate more special days. The Jubilee, for one, presents the perfect opportunity. Even if you’re not a royalist, who doesn’t like an excuse to put on a posh frock and eat cake?! Who’s with me??????

Have a look at my quintessential Spring pictures, here Pinterest


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